The declaration

We are a group of professionals who work for change and improvement of organizations, work that would be normally called consultancy. We add an adjective to this definition, an adjective that makes a significant difference: We do craft consultancy. We are organised in a simple, autonomous way , we are workshops more than factories, where we approach projects from a human perspective.

The craft consultancy is a different way of doing consultancy that brings new perspectives, approaches and values when dealing with change in organizations. It has therefore some distinctive features:

  1. We work with the people. The knowledge, enthusiasm and all the energy necessary for change and improvement comes from these people, one by one and also organized and as a team. Because of this, rather than customers, we say that we work with people, not with corporations.
  2. We love our work. Our raw material is knowledge, something that is not generated within fixed schedules or specific spaces. Hence we do not draw rigid boundaries between our consultancy work and other facets of our lives. Our work is integrated into the usual work and the daily routine.
  3. We work openly. With each case and project we generate knowledge, but our value lies neither in hoarding it, nor in methods and privative techniques protected from clients or any other professionals, but by making this knowledge available to our community.
  4. We are network, which is mainly reflected and supported through our blogs and social media in which we participate. Through these channels we distribute and share knowledge, ideas and concerns.
  5. We are a community of practice in which we learn through conversations among equals, where the most important factor is not so much what is done but how it is done.

These essential features are expressed in the following practices:

  1. We put personality and personal meaning to what we do, so that each case is a new and unique project. We incorporate on all of those projects our raw material, open-source knowledge, along with our previous learning and renewed experience. In this framework, innovation is not a practical activity but an implicit mandate.
  2. We learn through experimentation and error; through going off course and getting back on track. We grow and renew ourselves from the experience that each new project brings. Because learning happens before, during and after each project, action and review are essential to provide solutions.
  3. Our aim is to enjoy each task we undertake, because learning assimilates better through the excitement and satisfaction of a job well done. Because of that, we share this passion with people we cooperate with.
  4. Diversity is one of our main strengths because we work with people and learn more from the differences among us than form that which we have in common. . The people who join our network can provide knowledge, ideas and experience in tune with the way of doing typical craft consultancy.
  5. We trust in meritocracy as the path to development. Being part of a network makes it possible to search, for each project, the most suitable person and knowledge, because the priority is that the project ends successfully. We know this is the best for our reputation and long-term reliability and to build trusted relationships with our customers.
  6. We advocate for non-invasive models to approach customers, which are based on prescriptions and referrals from previous projects as best introduction.

Our projects are our workshops and each results in a unique piece, a natural consequence of having been developed in a unique moment, thanks to the renewed experience and collective and shared knowledge. This special way to produce is only possible taking into consideration some basic values:

  1. Candor. Working with people on the same level of collaboration enables us to say no when, for ethical or feasibility reasons, the project does not convince us. Moreover, it allows us to better realize the error in the implementation of any project.
  2. Pragmatism that brings together the vocation for a job well done with the circumstances and requirements of each project, so that the best achievement is at the same time the feasible achievement.
  3. Simplicity makes things easier to define and easier to adjust. Any long-term strategy is expressed through by successive approximations that facilitate progressive and mutual understanding with people we work with.
  4. Sobriety in infrastructures and resources, commitment to open source and free knowledge.
  5. Relationship of enduring confidence that comes from working with people and involves building relationships beyond the project contract. In short, incorporating these people into our network.

Proponents of this statement, its identity, values and practices, we organize through workshops. The workshop brings our philosophy into practice and gives meaning to our open network of craft consultancy. It is defined as a platform of relationships in which professional consultants, customers and other interested people collaborate. The workshop includes resources, knowledge, ideas and concerns that come from professional practice and opens them to our entire community.

Alfonso Alcántara, José Miguel Bolívar, Anna Cabañas, Vicent González, Julen Iturbe-Ormaetxe, Carmen Jasanada, Manel Muntada, Nacho Muñoz, Dolors Reig, Amalio A. Rey, Miquel Rodríguez, María Jesús Salido, Luis (tic616)

January 26th, 2010