#redca presentation

This is a meeting space created by a network of consultants who see their work both as a profession and a way to have fun.

It is the canvas on which we paint all kind of ideas, with the right balance between possibility and leisure.

In short, to picture it as we see it, this is a neighborhood of Craftsmen, an area where we feature our workshops and where you can chat, collaborate or share with those around. A neighborhood for everyone [whether consultants or not], where you can go for a nice walk whenever you want.

We are encouraged by the idea of having, in the future, an open and wide network in which conversation flows continuously and gets richer by the contributions of professionals [consultants as well as collaborators] linked by the same values and activity.

Frankly speaking, from the many interpretations of the word consulting, we align to the traditional one; namely, the one aimed at solving specific problems and improve the organizations that want to adapt to both their environment and the needs of their teams and individuals.

The particular feature of this network of consultants does not lie in what we do but in how we do it…If you want to better grasp what #redca is about, you had probably better have a look at the Declaration of Craft Consultancy, which explains thoroughly what we mean by all the above…

In addition to this introduction, you will find a number of related paragraphs about the way we do, a style which is based on:

  • Listening: We put at your disposal a list of blogs continuously updated that we (the members of this network) read on daily basis.
  • Talking: In our respective blogs, about articles on consulting we publish.
  • Collaborating: In projects we feature here to share our way of doing and our methods, experience and knowledge.
  • Networking: To get to know better each other, who is who, what we do for a living, what are working on, etc…

One thing you should be aware of: this is an space under permanent construction (as in permanent beta), because those who have subscribed the Declaration of Craft Consultancy think the best idea is always to come and the idea we think of now is likely related to it.